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“Bobby did a photo shoot with me in 2013 to express the new woman that I had become after losing my husband suddenly after 34 years of marriage. He engaged in some very unique settings both indoors and outdoors, capturing a part of me, that I thought had left a long time ago. He was very patient, creative, and ingenuous in working with me. It was almost as though you could see the light bulbs going off in his head along the way as he constantly came up with new ideas while we were doing this shoot. That was the one thing that impressed me about Bobby…he didn’t stick with a pre-planned idea, but went with his ideas as they hit him.

Bobby made this shoot lots of fun as he captured the many sides of Cheryl or the new Cheryl. I was very pleased with the end result and truly look forward to working with Bobby again in the near future.”

Cheryl Ashworth


“Bobby has a passion for photography that shines through in his work. His unique approach delivers some amazing results. He gives direction when it is appropriate but also allows the subject to formulate their own vision for the photos. Bobby is one of the great young photographers of our time.”

Lee Vogler


“Bobby is very professional and uniquely brilliant in his photography, and it shows. I wouldn’t choose anyone else when it comes to photographing the high points in my life. He has been there to document me in the prime and highlights of my college career and I am very thankful to know him and his work. He is great with details and capturing the essence of the subject and, for that reason, I would choose him every time. He is very comforting and knows how to get even the most tense of people to open up as if they were born to be in the limelight.”

Charlotte Newnam


“When I had my photo session with Bobby Roach, he was professional and, yet, comfortable to talk to and be around. It seemed like he knew his stuff and was really good at describing what he would like the image he was trying to capture to look like. He told me that he doesn’t do the same types of photos with every client, which is awesome! Each session is unique! He asked me to bring some props that would express my hobbies or something that describes me, and I brought some weights because I love to work out. I can’t wait to do another session; he gave me a good deal and I would refer anyone that is interested in having pictures done, ‘go to this guy!’ Thanks, Bobby!!!! :)”

Jonathan Boulware


“My session with Bobby was, by far, one of the most amazing photo sessions I have ever experienced! I had never truly been satisfied with any pictures of myself. I never felt like I knew how to pose or what expression to have. Bobby did a great job preparing me for and guiding me through each photo! He helped me to actually feel and experience the attitude and feeling behind each photo! Through taking these photos with him, I gained a self-confidence I never knew existed within me and, for the first time in my life, I truly felt beautiful in my own way! Bobby is a very talented photographer that I would recommend to anyone for any occasion! He does such an awesome job capturing the perfect moments in every picture. I can’t wait to see more of his work and I definitely plan on getting him to capture some of my life’s most precious moments in the future!”

Heather Phelps


“My photo session with Bobby was too much fun. Bobby is creative and funny, and it shows in his work. I love my pictures from the session, and I have received endless compliments on the shots. I really felt like real model material. I very much enjoyed the experience, as well as the chance to work with Bobby. He had some very fun ideas and I really loved the local historical landscaping that Bobby chose for our session. That as well was a real treat. Bobby is a true southern professional, having a great mix of qualities that elicit ‘comfortability’ with him as a photographer and as a friend. Bobby’s work is undoubtedly great and working with him is an experience well worth your time.”

Brittany Pomeroy


“Bobby is the perfect blend of professional and fun that makes a great photographer. I know most of the world only sees the end product of Bobby Roach Photography – which are AMAZING photos – but working with Bobby is so much more than that! While photographing you, he makes you feel happy, confident, and comfortable. The reason I love Bobby’s photos so much is because I feel like he captures my personality – all 36 sides of it! As a professional model, I’ve taken pictures with dozens of photographers and the resulting photos all look basically the same. Bobby managed get me to break my posed model mode to capture my real personality – my goofy side, my cute side, my sensual side, my fun side. Every photo he takes reveals a little more personality!”

Mandy Matherly


“Bobby has a passion for portrait shots that few photographers today possess. He takes time to stage each shot perfectly so that when you receive your images, you can rest assured they will be perfect. As a photographer myself, I have dealt with quite a few photographers who do portrait work, and Bobby is the number one portrait photographer in Southside Virginia. I never had to wonder how my pictures were going to turn out because Bobby takes the profession seriously and is easy to work with especially if you have any suggestions for more locations to shoot or poses you might want to try. Your pictures should characterize you, and Bobby captures every element.”

Matt Bell


“I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Bobby Roach on a photo shoot. His creative shots and professional attitude made for a fantastic evening and extraordinary photos. Bobby will always be my go-to photographer when it comes to my professional work and my personal home.”

Jordan Evans