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Lunch with My Sassies!

sassy-ladies-danville-va-002I recently had the great privilege of being invited to lunch with the sassiest ladies in Danville on Thursday, December 8, as their “guest of honor” during their annual Christmas banquet at Linda’s Country Cookin’ in Brosville.

I met Danville’s Sassy Ladies when I wrote a story about them for a local magazine over the summer. The article highlighted the group, its origins, and the special bond shared by these women, who hold nothing back and live life to its fullest potential–all while donning the brightest, most vibrant purple and red hats you’ve ever seen.

Each month, the Sassy Ladies meet at a restaurant in the Danville area. In time, every member of the group has an opportunity to select her favorite restaurant to share with the others. In addition to increasing the profile of area restaurants, these ladies liven up any space they occupy. They are as entertaining as they are brazen and I absolutely love that about the ladies I have come to affectionately refer to as “My Sassies.”


During lunch on Thursday, the Sassy Ladies initiated me as “Brother Mascot” and thanked me for the magazine article I wrote about them. They said it changed their lives and made them famous! One even said that I proved that “women of a certain age can still be cover girls!

I am delighted to have been able to share in these special memories with the Sassy Ladies. The next time you see them around town, stop by and remind them that their favorite mascot is cheering them on!

If you want to read this summer’s article, check out Discover Southside.

Fun fact: Did you know that Santa Claus can twerk? The Sassy Ladies taught me that. Merry Christmas, everyone!