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2015 People of the Year

2015 has been a year of big changes, new beginnings, and necessary endings. For the past two years, Bobby Roach Photography has opened the people of the year selection to public vote. This year, the winners were selected based on their relevance to the BRP brand and Bobby Roach Photography’s mission of capturing and providing timeless and impactful portraits to celebrate and document the lives of Pittsylvania County residents. Please join BRP in congratulating this year’s people of the year.

Man of the Year

Bobby Roach Photography’s 2015 Man of the Year was selected because of his proven capacity to do great things as much as his potential to do greater things. Matt Pabo is a rising star and has already worked on films such as Lincoln (2012), The Conjuring (2013), and Game Change (2012) in addition to his commitment to local theatre–especially Gretna Little Theatre in the Pittsylvania County town of the same name. His appearances in 2016 films are set to include Where Are You, Bobby Browning?, Dale Archdale, and Crossing Streets. Bobby Roach Photography believes in Matt’s potential and provided him with headshots this year to help him in his journey to celebrity.


You can check Matt out on IMDb and keep up with his exploits in film and television.

Good luck, Matt. I’m pulling for you.

Woman of the Year

Bobby Roach Photography’s 2015 Woman of the Year is no stranger to the award. She was voted woman of the year in BRP’s inaugural contest in 2013 and retained her position in 2014. Her overwhelming support from visitors to indicates a public recognition of her hard work and perseverance through challenges that could easily stop a person from pursuing her dreams. Ashley Rayburn has refused to allow that to happen to her and is actively engaged in advancing her academic tenure and is nearing the conclusion of her undergraduate work in theatre and education. Ashley’s accomplishments in acting are many and include a contributing associate producer credit for Finding Faith (2013), a background extra in Uncommon (2014), and contributing associate producer for Virtuous (2014) as well as acting and directing credits in local playhouses.


Moreover, Ashley is a loyal friend and a lot of fun to be around. Thanks for being there for me through some of my darkest experiences.

Couple of the Year

Bobby Roach Photography’s 2015 Couple of the Year is Jacob Hancock and Jill Suzanne Garrett. Jacob has known me all of his life as my younger cousin and that qualifies him as my oldest friend. I wouldn’t change a single one of our innumerable memories together and I couldn’t be happier for him and his beautiful girlfriend.


Best wishes and God bless you both.

Here’s to a spectacular 2016. It will be a very special year for many reasons. One of them being that it will mark Bobby Roach Photography’s 10th year in operation.