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The Couples of Bobby Roach Photography

Bobby has had the great honor to witness the stories of many beautiful, interesting, and special people in his life and is delighted to present a new collection entitled “The Couples of Bobby Roach Photography.”

andrew-amanda-wright-003Sometimes we find love

zac-jami-edwards-003and sometimes love finds us

roger-margot-mayhew-005Days unfold and start to blend together

mark-debra-roach-002The little moments in life

mark-debra-roach-001and the big ones

andrew-amanda-wright-001carry the same weight because

when you share these experiences with one another

joe-elizabeth-robertson-004you create a love story that is all your own.

zac-jami-edwards-002Some parts of the story, we share with everyone

michelle-matthew-blake-002and they celebrate with us.

wayne-paige-presley-003And some parts,

kody-knowles-amie-pickeral-001we share only with each other

katelyn-murray-alex-heisman-005because no one can fully understand how goofy

joe-elizabeth-robertson-002or how precious

mark-debra-roach-003or how unforgettable

michelle-matthew-blake-003each of these moments

will always be.

katelyn-murray-alex-heisman-001The good will always be good.

roger-margot-mayhew-003And the great will always be better.

kody-knowles-amie-pickeral-005We can be thankful,

katelyn-murray-alex-heisman-004we can be certain,

michelle-matthew-blake-001we can be happy.

wayne-paige-presley-004Because, when you love…

andrew-amanda-wright-002when you believe…

kody-knowles-amie-pickeral-003and when you dream


katelyn-murray-alex-heisman-003anything is possible.

Bobby Roach Photography is where your story begins and, no matter which chapter you are writing today, and whether you’re looking back, looking around, or looking toward the future, don’t let any moment, big or small, slip away without cherishing it to its fullest and most beautiful extent.